Candy Cane Bandana - From $10

Candy Cane Bandana - From $10

We are currently working on pre-sales with this gorgeous fabric from USA. It will take 4-5 weeks to arrive in New Zealand so get your orders in to secure your custom bandana.


Rocco & Co. custom patterned bandanas come in two variations to suite different types of pets.


STYLE: Over the collar or reversible elastic – Please refer to the sizing below, elastic bandanas are the same size but with a piece of elastic added to fit your pets overall neck size. 


Regular bandanas have the option of a name or no name, while elastic bandanas come with a name printed on the back.


COLOUR: This bandana has the most amazing Candy Cane fabric and if choosing elastic, a name is added.


REVERSIBLE FABRIC CHOICE: If choosing the reversible elastic bandana, in the example we have choosen to use a red backing fabric, however please write in the notes if you wish another  colour like black, green, blue, purple etc.


VINYL: Our vinyl is the best you can get in New Zealand and is used for most commercial projects so we guarantee the quality and durability of our vinyl. Our policy is the fabric should wear out before the vinyl does.


TIME FRAME:  The Christmas fabric this year is being purchased from USA. There is a wait time of atleast 4 - 5 weeks before it arrives. It is best to purchase sooner than later so you know you will get it in time for Christmas.


PAYMENT METHODS: You can choose to pay for this unique custom bandana through Stripe, Paypal and bank to bank transfer. We currently do no offer any afterpay system as our website provider does not host that type of payment option, however we are happy to sort something if you message us directly.


Our designs are computer generated, colour may be different depending on which monitor and device you are viewing it on but we try our best to colour match as much as possible!


For any questions please contact us at

  • Returns/faulty product

    Rocco & Co. are happy to accept returns if the item has been unused and in origional condition as it has been sent to the client in.

    We are also happy to either give a refund or replace the prodcut if you recieve it and it is faulty - please note you will need to send it back to us WITHIN 30 days and from there we can either do a refund of money or replace the item. 

  • Washing Instructions

    Please handwash and DO NOT iron

  • Sizing

    Cat  *13cm wide x 8cm high -  Collar Space 3cm*

    Small  *16cm wide x 12cm high - Collar Space 4cm*

    Medium *25cm wide x 15cm high - Collar Space 5cm*

    Large *30cm wide x 19cm high - Collar Space 6cm*

    XL *40cm wide x 25cm high - Collar Space 6cm*

    Elastic bandanas are the size sizing however they don't have the collar space and elastic is added which is custom to your pet's neck size.