Fuzzy Dinosaur PJ'S - From $20

Fuzzy Dinosaur PJ'S - From $20

 For years now we have been making our custom winter PJ'S to keep pets all around the world warm during winter and they have been a big hit!



  • PJ'S are made to fit your dogs body measurements so when purchasing please fill out the required information so we can make it the correct size.
  • Made from polarfleece fabric - good quality, lightweight (but super warm) and durable.
  • There are 2 layers of polar fleece, the patterned top side and plain black backing.
  • Comes with a clip around the tummy that is adjustable, and snap dome buttons at the front.



To choose the correct PJ'S, measure your dog from base of the neck to base of the tail, choose the corrosponding size that they fall within.


Please note there can be a wait of up to 2 weeks for these to be hand crafted. If you need it sooner, please write down the date you need it by.

  • Returns/faulty product

    Rocco & Co. are happy to accept returns if the item has been unused and in origional condition as it has been sent to the client in.

    We are also happy to either give a refund or replace the prodcut if you recieve it and it is faulty - please note you will need to send it back to us WITHIN 30 days and from there we can either do a refund of money or replace the item. 

  • Washing Instructions

    Please handwash with liquid laundry detergant and hang to dry.

    DO NOT tumble dry

    DO NOT leave an iron on any part of the fabric

    DO NOT iron over the vinyl - it will melt and peel off