Jacinda Rules Bandana - From $17

Jacinda Rules Bandana - From $17

This may be a bit of a controversial post for some, but hey, we are going to go for it anyway!

Introducing our newest collection – Lockdown 2020


This unique collection has been inspired by our recent lockdown due to Covid-19 and although it is perhaps nearly over it is never too late to grab yourself one of these bandanas.


Now, we didn’t just make these for the sake of it, we actually have a reason and meaning behind what the colours and sayings are for – so before you think we are crazy, just hear us out!


During this time of lockdown, everything has been uncertain, so we have put a lot of thought into the meaning of these.


The red and black colours represent the hardships people are currently going through, from individuals to businesses (big and small).


The vinyl colours we have chosen represent a few things – Acknowledging a change and being optimistic about our current situation and for the future. As well as radiating happiness and cheerfulness for those around us in our bubbles!


For every order from the Lockdown 2020 range, we will be donating 10% to Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming. We love working with rescues and we know that our donation to them will be much appreciated. They lost one of their own tragically this week, and we want to offer this small token in memory of Luna, so they can continue their work to help more dogs like her get a better life <3


We would also like to say that these bandanas are NOT for everyone and some may disagree with what we are doing but please just be kind, it’s a hard time for everyone.


These bandanas will only be up for 2 weeks so if you would like one, get in quick!


These bandanas come in two styles:

~ Over the collar (as shown in image)

~ With elastic fitted to your pets neck size


Either option is great and no matter which one you choose, your pet will look great.


We will do our best to get these out to you ASAP!

  • Returns/faulty product

    Rocco & Co. are happy to accept returns if the item has been unused and in origional condition as it has been sent to the client in.

    We are also happy to either give a refund or replace the prodcut if you recieve it and it is faulty - please note you will need to send it back to us WITHIN 30 days and from there we can either do a refund of money or replace the item. 

  • Washing Instructions

    Please handwash and DO NOT iron

  • Sizing

    Cat  *13cm wide x 8cm high -  Collar Space 3cm*

    Small  *16cm wide x 12cm high - Collar Space 4cm*

    Medium *25cm wide x 15cm high - Collar Space 5cm*

    Large *30cm wide x 19cm high - Collar Space 6cm*

    XL *40cm wide x 25cm high - Collar Space 6cm*

    Elastic bandanas are the size sizing however they don't have the collar space and elastic is added which is custom to your pet's neck size.