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About Rocco & Co.

Hi there, now you are probably wondering who is Rocco & Co. and how did I come up with this name?! Well..Let me take you a little back in time.

My name is Alyce, Chief designer, creator and maker of our 100% handmade pet wear. And well, the name Rocco & Co. came about because my partner and I got our first dog and cat (Rocco and Ali). During this time, I had actually been very unwell and had to stop working. I had a spinal injury and while waiting to have a fusion done on my back, I started creating my business. Of course Rocco is my willing and very patient model - not so much the cat. 


Over the last few years, it has been trial and error but now I have found my niche in the market and proud to make all of the items I offer here on my website with a focus on custom printing Visual Aid products for people and their pets.

Rocco and I look forward to seeing your pets in our custom pet wear!

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