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  • Can I get anything printed onto a bandana?
    This is a very common question and the answer is nearly yes! We work with vinyl so it is a little different from a printer. We work with block colours and layer vinyl to create imagaes. So if you design or idea is not too complicated or have photos or gradient colours than most likely we can do it! If in doubt just send us a message at
  • How long does it take to make an item?
    We aim to get products out asap but becasuse they are handmade the wait could be up to 2 weeks unless specified or requested.
  • Do you post internationally?
    Yes! We can most definitly post overseas, and we are working on targeting more customers in different countries. Our website if fully set up for anyone wanting to purchase, no matter what country you live in.
  • Do you handmade all the items?
    Most definitly! We source materials and hardware else where and then we design and create proudcts ourselves. We are also in the process of getting fabrics designed and printed so we can become 100% custom made.
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