Custom Text Lead Cover - $35

Custom Text Lead Cover - $35

The best part of purchasing a Rocco & Co. product is you can be as creative as you like! Here, we can write on the lead cover anything you want. You can choose something that would help you and your dog get back out for your daily walks or even something funny and witty. Have a look at some of our examples of past covers we have done to get some inspiration!


Pawsome features include:

~ Custom writing – We can write anything on a lead cover, how cool is that!


~ Very bright fabrics –Covers come in red, yellow, orange etc


~ Fabric is light weight and double thickness for durability


~ Bold fonts – easy to read from close or far distance


~ Vinyl is commercial grade – The best quality we can get our paws on!


~ Depending on the colour fabric you choose, we will match it with the most visible vinyl – black or white.


~ High Vis vinyl strips at each end – Not only great for night/dusk, but another great way for you and your dog to be seen and noticed by others passing by.


~ You get to choose if you want a clip system where you attach a webbing strip around the handle of your lead and secure or Velcro.


~ If you are wondering what the difference between having a clip system and velcro is - The clip system allows the lead cover to stay up high, closer to the lead handle and will not fall. Velcro, although it pushes over the lead it may have a chance of slipping down and being closer to the end of the lead - it is all personal preference as some prefeer the cover to be closer to their pet.


Please write in the comments the words you would like written on your lead cover.


Please note there can be a wait of up to 2 weeks for these to be hand crafted. If you need it sooner, please write down the date you need it by.

  • Returns/faulty product

    Rocco & Co. are happy to accept returns if the item has been unused and in origional condition as it has been sent to the client in.

    We are also happy to either give a refund or replace the prodcut if you recieve it and it is faulty - please note you will need to send it back to us WITHIN 30 days and from there we can either do a refund of money or replace the item. 

  • Washing Instructions

    Please handwash with liquid laundry detergant and hang to dry.

    DO NOT tumble dry

    DO NOT leave an iron on any part of the fabric

    DO NOT iron over the vinyl - it will melt and peel off